Research and production company HIMSVET


195196, office # 16, Tallinskaya Street, Russia, Saint Petersburg.

tel.: +7 (812) 445-40-09

fax: +7 (812) 445-40-10

About the Company

RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION COMPANY “HIMSVET” Co., Ltd  is located in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and is highly succeeded in wholesales of various raw meterials, pigments and additives.

The business of the company is currently focused on raw materials for Ceramic and Cilica bricks,Glass, Rubber goods and Plastics.  

We are glad to present diverse products to satisfy all-round-Russia and CIS needs, as well.

Several warehouses at the heart of Russia, the Ural region, at Black sea and near Saint Petersburg allow to save time and respond to customers’ inquiry immediately.

Our company is always open for partnership and ready to discuss terms of mutual beneficial cooperation!